WasaLabo develops and proposes FPGA-based solutions for high-performance and embedded computation system with some limitations. We are also available to assist in the development and proposal of reduction development cost by using High level synthesis including Synthesijer and Synthesijer.Scala.

Please don't hesitate to contact sales_at_wasa-labo.com (replace _at_ into @ at sending the mail.)

Multi-core framework for Stream Processing

This is a framework of multi-core system for stream data processing. We are available to customize the framework for your applications and desing DSL.


Synthesijer is a compiler from Java to VHDL/Verilog HDL for FPGA. Synthesijer.Scala is hardware construction language by using the backend of Synthesijer.

ad-refkit (FPGA robot-car) - Source code and parts list are available as OSS/EOL

This ad-refkit is an FPGA-kit for FPGA design contests. This kit includes a set of required items to try the design published at GitHub, which is designed by Izumi Lab., Ritsumei University. Note that, Web-camera and USB-hub are not included in this kit because of not required for running along the white line of the course.