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This ad-refkit is an FPGA-kit for FPGA design contests. This kit includes a set of required items to try the design published at GitHub, which is designed by Izumi Lab., Ritsumei University. Note that, Web-camera and USB-hub are not included in this kit because of not required for running along the white line of the course.

The design and required items are published at GitHub as open-source. If you are hesitant to get the items together, please use our kit.

Please refrain from contacting the Izumi Lab. regarding any problems with this kit.

Kit contents

The included items in this kit are listed below. Please note that some items will be changed within the range that does not hinder the operation.

      FPGADigilent Zybo Z7-20
StorageMicroSD card (16GB)
CameraDigilent Pcam5C
FPGA peripheralsDigilent Pmod HB5: H-bridge Driver with Feedback Inputs
Digilent DC Motor/Gearbox (1:53 Gear Ratio)
Digilent Wheel Kit (D-slot Pair)
Digilent Sticky Rubber Tires (Pair)
Digilent Tail Skit
Digilent Motor Mounter
OLED character display module (16chars, 2lines)
PowerMobile battery (Anker PowerCore 10000PD Redux)
USB Type-A - DC-jack cable
AAAx4 battery case
MechanicleBase chassis
Middle level chassis
Pcam5C mounter (printed by home 3D-printer)
OLED mounter(printed by home 3D-printer)
HB5 mounter(printed by home 3D-printer)
Misc.Screws, Nuts
Jumper cables
Magnetic tape


      EOL\84,800 JPY(excluding TAX.)

Purchasing or Inquiries

This product has been EOL. For purchasing or inquiring about this kit, please contact the following.

      ADT Co., Ltd.
Contact to Sales/Support
Mail : adt.ac.xilinx@adt.co.jp
Tel : +81-3−5361−6680


This kit has been developed with the cooperation of Izumi Lab., Ritsumei University referred to the following paper. We appreciate that you refer to the following paper in your publication of the work with this kit.

	    Yuya Kudo, Atsushi Takada, Yuta Ishida, and Tomonori Izumi,
	    "An SoC-FPGA-Based Micro UGV with Localization and Motion Planning",
	    Proc. 2019 International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology,
	    pp.469-472, DOI 10.1109/ICFPT47387.2019.00095, Dec.2019.